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I’m Hannah, a twenty-something oxford comma activist, aspiring adult, whole-hearted Ravenclaw and a full-time Bibliophile. I’m also an English major at THE Ohio State University with a minor in Professional Writing.

I’m right between the Millennials and Gen Z, so I like to think I have the best qualities of both. The optimism of a Millennial and the pragmatism of a Gen Z.

I love to travel and just recently returned from a semester abroad studying at King’s College in the heart of London. This blog is a great way for me to incorporate images into my travel journal, although I still do write it all out on paper first.

Ever since fifth grade, when I almost won (I came in second) a competition for reading the most books in my class, I’ve had an intense passion for reading anything and everything. Though my favorite genres are typically young adult sci-fi and fantasy, I’m starting to branch out in all directions. That’s one of the great things about being an English major, I’m forced to read outside my comfort zone and I often end up loving it.

I’m always looking for book recommendations and I’m always giving them, so I started this blog as a way to recommend books that I don’t think anyone in my life would enjoy even though they’re great books. And as a way to share my travels, beyond my instagram feed.

You can find out more about me here.