Things I Missed While Abroad

I recently returned from my semester abroad in London. I’m now back in good old Columbus, Ohio. Being back home has made me appreciate things I never thought I would appreciate. While in London, I found myself missing certain things beyond the obvious ones of friends, family, and my own bed. I now savor every time I get to use/eat these things, but I’m sure my appreciation will fade over time as I reacclimate to my normal life.

A List of Things I Missed

    • I need to add to this because it does not relay the seriousness of this issue. There is no Jiff there. There is just store brand. It is not creamy, it is pasty and dry.
  • Places to sit on campus.
    • There are 3 benches in all of Strand Campus and they’re all in the lobby which is the loudest place. It was impossible for me to get anything done on campus.
  • Shower Curtains
    • Who knew a shower could just be the corner of your bathroom and that the water would go everywhere? I mean everywhere. (It did dry surprisingly fast though).
  • Homework.
    • I am just as surprised as you are. There’s a lot less accountability there in terms of education. There were readings every week, but they didn’t feel super necessary, so I found myself rationalizing not doing them waaaay to easy. I’m still did (most) of them, but it took so much more motivation.
  • Dollar bills
    • In all of my prior experience with foreign money, I have loved their one pound/euro coins. It seemed so much better. But, coins are heavy and take up more space in my wallet. It’s also harder to read them there, but that’s because I’m just not as familiar with them.
    • The have 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, one pound and two pound coins, (for comparison America has 1, 5, 10, 25 in regular circulation).
    • But if you go based on size the order goes like this (from smallest to largest): 5p, 1p, 20p, 10p, one pound, 2p, 50p. And I don’t have a two pound coin so I don’t know where that one goes in terms of size.
    • The 5p coin looks like a dime. This kept making me under pay by 5p and then the cashiers try to be polite about it and it’s awkward.
  • Walking to class
    • A ten minute walk sounds nice and short now, compared to my 40 minute commute mid-rush hour into central London.
  • MLA style
    • Footnotes are a scourge upon students. (Actually they probably wouldn’t be that bad, if I just entered them when I was writing, but I waited until I was finished. It was so time consuming to transfer MLA references to Chicago references.)
  • Sinks
    • The sink in my dorm room had two different faucets on either side: one boiling, one freezing. It was impossible to wash my face without either burning myself or contracting hypothermia.
  • Acquaintances
    • This was one thing I wasn’t expecting to miss and I didn’t realize that I missed it until I came back to Ohio State’s campus. It’s nice running into a friendly face, even if it just results in a friendly smile and wave. In my two days back on campus so far, I’ve run into so many people that I know from High School and my first year here. I never appreciated running into people before but I’m cherishing  those little unexpected moments of friendliness.


What’s something you never thought you would miss?

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