10 Reasons You Should Read The Mortal Instruments Series

  1. The Characters
    • There are so many characters but you care about all of them and they are all really well fleshed out and they feel like real people.
    • It also doesn’t start with a ton of characters, it really focuses on Clary for the first book and then slowly builds out allowing you a better glimpse into the lives of everyone.
    • They’re all super unique and I love them all.
  2. The Plot
    • The plotting in this series is really impressive, especially in the later books where there are a ton of subplots that are all expertly woven together by the end of the book.
    • Every thing happens for a reason and every subplot matters, nothing feels useless or like a filler.
  3. The World
    • The whole Shadowhunter world is thought out especially the politics between the Shadowhunters and the downworlders (vampires, werewolves and faeries).
  4. The Humor
    • It is one of the few book series that has actually made me laugh out loud, not just blow more air than usual through my nose, but actual audible laughter.
  5. The Ships
    • There are so many. They’re all so good.
    • but, Malec is the best.
  6. The length
    • There are six (long) books in the initial series, which means you really get to know the ins and outs of the characters and the world (which as I previously mentioned are fantastic).
  7. The action
    • There are a lot of action scenes, as to be expected in a book about fighting demons, and Cassandra Clare can write an action scene. She can write all types of scenes actually, really really well.
  8. The Popularity
    • So, normally a book’s popularity isn’t a reason for me to read/not read a book, but it is really nice when you meet someone and find out that they’ve read the same book(s) as you and then you instantly have something in common with them.
    • It’s a really popular series. It’s had a movie and now has a TV show, so lots of people are familiar with it.
  9. The Feels
    • For me the thing that normally makes or breaks a book is whether or not I care. If I don’t care about the characters or if they succeed can make reading a book really boring, and definitely unmemorable. But when I do care and I’m invested in the outcome, it makes a book for me.
    • I cared so much about these characters. About whether they defeated the villain. About their relationships with each other, not just romantically, friendship and familial as well. But also romantically.
  10. There’s more
    • I haven’t read any of the other Shadowhunters series but they have been highly recommended to me so I will be reading them soon. I’m excited that I can continue to escape to this world for a little while with new stories and new characters.

Hannah Reads (1)

Have you read this series? What did you think? Who’s your favorite character? Mine’s Alec. Have you read the other books in the Shadowhunter world?


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