A Weekend in Dublin

I woke up at 1:50am, after falling asleep around midnight. It was going to be a long day. I got a bus right outside my dorm that took me to the train station, at which I got the Luton Express train which took about an hour. Then from the Luton station, I took a shuttle bus to the actual airport. Security took exactly two minutes, leaving me two full hours early for my flight. I sat there and stared into space for an hour because I didn’t want to sleep (and miss my flight) and I didn’t have the mental capacity to do anything else (aka read).

I managed to get a little sleep on the hour long flight there, but not much.

I met up with my two friends on the other side of immigration after arriving in Dublin. Their morning journey was slightly simpler, but not by much. We were supposed to be on the same flight, but I screwed up and bought the wrong flight out (same time, different London airport.

We took the Airlink bus right to the Kinlay house hostel that we would be staying at.

First, we walked down the street to Trinity College and tour the Book of Kells exhibit and the Long Room in their library.



Then, we joined a free walking tour advertised by our hostel. We left about halfway through since it was a little lackluster and we were ready for lunch.

We found a pub and I had some really crispy fish and chips. We sat there for way longer than we needed to since it was cozy and so cold outside.


Our next stop was the Guinness Storehouse. I would 100% buying tickets online. There was a huge line outside that we walked right pass, and another line inside, again which we avoided. Walking in to it was amazing and entirely turned my tired mood around. It was all decorated for Christmas. The actual exhibit was really cool as we slowly made our way up to the Gravity Bar for our free (included) pints of Guinness. Finishing our pints was a bit of a struggle, none of us are beer drinkers, but we all managed. I’m convinced a pint of Guinness is more liquid than a pint of anything else.



For dinner we went to a pub that was back closer to our hostel in the Temple Bar area called the Porterhouse. I had slow roasted pork with mashed potatoes and a Bailey’s to drink. The pub was showing a rugby game that all the locals were invested in so it was pretty crowded.

Then, we went back to the hostel, and I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow.


The next day we woke up pretty early and walked to the train station. We took a train twenty minutes outside of Dublin to Sandycove, a little beach down. We then, walked out along the long pier for great views of the water and the town.


We stumbled upon a farmers’ market andI got some hot chocolate to warm me up a little. The we found the Cookbook Café where we had brunch, before heading back into the city.

Back in Dublin, we went to the Charles Beatty Library. He was an American collector of rare books that donated his entire library to Ireland when he died. The exhibit was a really interesting history of books from all over the world.

We then walked around Dublin Castle, and we were going to take a free guided tour. However, it turned out to be in Sign Language, so we left before it started.

We were planning to go to Christ Church next, but it was closed to visitors since they were about to start Evensong, so we sat in on that service instead. It was really interesting to see a different type of service than I am used to. They also took time during the service to honor students that have completed the church music degree at Trinity College.

This sculpture is meant to represent Jesus as a homeless person

We then walked down the street to see St. Patrick’s church, but we didn’t stay long since it was getting dark and therefore cold.


We got one last pint (of cider, no Guinness for us) at a pub decked out for Christmas before getting our bags and heading to the bus stop to catch the Airlink express once again.


But the bus didn’t come. It was meant to come every 15 minutes, but we waited 30 and still nothing came. Another person waiting informed us that it was most likely because they had closed down the main street in Dublin for a parade and celebration where the President was going to turn on the lights of the Christmas tree. So we were forced to call an Uber to get us to the airport on time.




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