A Weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark

We took an Uber to LHR at 4 on Saturday morning. We could have attempted public transport, but that would involve a lot for 4am, and would take an extra hour since the tube stop closest to us was not open.


After the 2 hour flight, we hopped off the plane and onto one of the two metro lines in Copenhagen, followed by a bus to the hotel.


Then we headed out to Nyvan, aka the harbor with the colorful houses. NOTE: You might think that you know how to pronounce words in Danish, but it is NOTHING like English. We avoided proper nouns for the entirety of this trip.


For lunched, we walked across the river to Paper Island and ate at the street food market.

I had a Smørrebørd from Handmade with potatoes and fried onions with an unidentified (good) sauce. We also got some coffee to warm us up because Denmark is cold and I was not prepared.

We then headed to the statue of the Little Mermaid. On our way there we stumbled upon Amalienborg Palace and Frederick’s Church. I realized how little I’ve learned about Danish history in any capacity. I know nothing.


We walked back through the Kastellet: star shaped military fortress which was a really nice park and felt very autumnal.

We wandered down Strøget street (the 5th Avenue/Oxford Street of Copenhagen) for a while before stopping at Christiansborg Palace to go up in the tower. We waited in an unmoving line for twenty minutes to go up in the tower, before we were taken back to security and the elevator (singular). By the time we actually got to the top of the tower it was dark. We didn’t stay up there for long because it was COLD and DARK.


It doesn’t look that dark in this picture but I am remembering it as much darker…

We ate dinner at PUK which was warm and cozy. We got there right around 6 and the waiter told us we could only have the table if we left by 8. We left by 6:45. Dinner was really good we both had steak and mashed potatoes.


Let me talk about these potatoes for a second because they were so good. I think they were piped onto the block of wood that was then on my plate (?) and then baked. So they were a little bit crispy but still really creamy.

When we left the restaurant it was raining so we took that as a sign to just head back to the hotel and get an early start the next day.

Hannah Reads (2)

We had breakfast at Next Door Cafe. I had some hot chocolate and blueberry pancakes. The table was really cool: it was covered in tickets from different events in different cities.

Then we climbed the round tower for another view of the city. It was interesting since instead of being a spiral staircase it was just a spiral hill.

Next up was Rosenborg castle to see the Crown jewels and the rest of the gorgeous palace.


We stopped at Emmery’s for a little snack of Kanelsnegl aka cinnamon rolls with chocolate frosting instead of vanilla. Why haven’t we thought of that yet in America? It was so good!


Up next was our crash course in Danish history from the National Museum. We just did the two exhibits about Denmark: pre-history and stories from 1200s-2000s. Both were really extensive and interesting and made me realize how little I know about the entire Scandinavian region.

To round out our time in Copenhagen we went to Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in the world.

For dinner, we had a traditional (according to the menu) Danish dish of fried pork with parsley sauce and potatoes. It was like a combination of pork tenderloin, fried chicken and bacon. It was pretty good, but the portion was way bigger than it looked.


We used our remaining kroner to buy a hot chocolate and a gløgg (mulled wine)  for my traveling buddy.

As we were walked through the park leisurely to head back to our hotel it started to hail. The weather was a definition of a wintry mix, but our hotel was only about a ten minute walk so we survived.


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