10 Reasons You Should Read the A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES TRILOGY

  1. First off let’s talk about those covers because they are gorgeous.
  2. There are SO many characters and they’re all so different and well thought out and the relationships between them are so complex- I love it.
  3. Speaking of characters, I want to mention their GROWTH. Not only do our lovely main characters change and develop but so does almost every minor character! They all feel so real and the things that happen have deeper impacts on them than whatever surface trauma they face.
  4. The Love Triangle is honestly so refreshing. It’s not a love triangle where both males are vying for her interest and affection the entire book and she ultimately chooses one of them.  It’s much more nuanced and realistic. It has a progression rather than remaining stuck in limbo between the two different relationships.
  5. Oh, did I mention MAGIC?
  6. The middle book is actually really good and doesn’t suffer from my-only-purpose-is-to-set-up-the-finale syndrome.
  7.  TENSION. Between humans and the high fae. Between lesser fae and high fae. Between the different High Lords. Between the characters (sexually and not).
  8. The familial aspect is really well done as well and covers lots of different types of families. The traditional family. The family that all wants to kill each other. The person with out a family. The family that chose each other.
  9. Enticingly high stakes. So much could go wrong at any moment.
  10. Finally, the writing itself is utterly phenomenal.

Hannah Reads (1)

What did you think of ACOTAR? What should I read next?


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