Harry Potter Studio Tour and Oxford Day Trip

Let’s be real here, half the reason I wanted to come and study in England was because I thought it would be like Hogwarts (the old buildings, the British accents, new and exciting things, magic). So it makes sense that visiting the Warner Brothers Studio Tour of Harry Potter was high up on my list of must-dos.

Our day started with a bus ride to Oxford. I went through a tour company that provided transportation to both sites and a walking tour in Oxford.

Our walking tour was underwhelming as we didn’t get much more than the name of the building we were looking at and maybe the reason why we were looking at it. But it was over quick enough and we were able to do what interested us the most: the bookstore. Blackwell’s, to be specific. I think its either the oldest or the second oldest bookstore in the UK, like I said uninformative walking tour. I bought a 20th anniversary edition of the Philosopher’s Stone. I justified this purchase because I don’t technically already own this book. I own the Sorcerer’s Stone and this one is totally different.

We took a tour of the Bodleian Library (aka the Hogwarts library) and it was magical, but sadly no pictures allowed.

The Harry Potter Studios were so emotional for me. I cried in the second room, and it’s a surprise I didn’t in the first.


Where it all started

All the sets from the movies, and the props, and the costumes, need I say more.


There was Butterbeer. And it was better than the one in Universal Studios, in my opinion.

I also cried at the end.

We were the last people from our tour group back on the bus. (We weren’t late, everyone else was just early but I don’t understand how. I could spend so much time in there).

If you ever find yourself in London, this is 100% worth every penny.

“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home”

J.K. Rowling

Hannah Reads (1)

What set do you want to see most? What costume would you want to wear the most? What prop would you want to hold the most?


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