Discussion: Plot Twists|Being Surprised or Being Right?

Okay so I love twists: but I can’t decide when I love twists better. (Also Spoilers are in white ink so your eyes don’t betray you and accidentally don’t read them)

How I imagine all authors

There are twists I can see coming and in my head I’m like “This is totally going to happen” and then it does happen and I’m happy because I was so right. This type happens a lot in mystery novels because you are expecting a twist to happen so my brain goes into overdrive trying to guess what it will be.  I love to have multiple theories.

These ones don’t go down in history as great twists but in the moment they are happening I love them. (Maybe they are memorable, but I just don’t remember them? Or I didn’t have good theories and wasn’t right about them so I don’t think they fall under this category?)

For Example *SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES SEASON SEVEN FINALE* When Sansa, Arya and Bran all teamed up to finally out Littlefinger littlefinger, it was THE BEST. I had been calling that for almost three episodes and my Dad didn’t believe me. I was so excited when I realized what was going on that I literally jumped out of my couch and clapped.

Then there are twists that I don’t see coming at ALL and my jaw drops and WHAT??? Those types of twists are great too. I feel like those only happen when I’m not expecting a twist at all and I’m so relaxed and then it just me with a giant plot twist out of NOWHERE.

This category includes the classic Plot twists like the star wars ones (Luke, I am your father) and the death of a major character at the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. ( I won’t say who just in case someone hasn’t read it yet, in which case, get on that.)

For Example *MORE GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS BECAUSE THAT SHOW IS THE KING OF TWISTS, THIS ONE IS FROM AN EARLY SEASON THOUGH* The Red Wedding anyone? I wasn’t even watching it live, I was probably three years later than live. I KNEW there was a wedding where all your favs died…but I didn’t even think for a second “hey, Hannah, all your favs are headed to a wedding you should maybe be a little bit concerned..” Nope. I was entirely oblivious. You can imagine my surprised when this wedding, was in fact, the notorious RED (red because of ALL THE BLOOD) Wedding. (The Season 7 opening scene made my day, that’s all I’m going to say.) 

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What type of twists do you prefer? Do you like to be (jaw dropping, screaming at your book/TV) surprised or to be (all my theories came true, I am a genius detective) right?

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  1. Ben

    The best twists of all time is in “The Sixth Sense”. The twist is amazing because not only don’t you see it coming, it changed what you saw. The clues were there … in hindsight it makes perfect sense. You realize that you didn’t understand what you’d been watching, you thought you did … but you didn’t.

    Similar Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban… the clues were there, you just didn’t see them. You can’t see the truth because you’re stuck in the paradigm of every day existence.

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