★★★★★ Five Stars

Kady broke up with her boyfriend, Ezra that morning. And then her planet was invaded and they were forced to evacuate her entire home, everywhere she’s ever know. The two are separated on the two different evacuation ships and communication is limited, but there’s something command isn’t telling them.

Let’s talk about AIDAN. At first, I didn’t like his style of writing (typing?) his story. But as I got used to it I started to appreciate the irony of it. He’s a computer that is essentially thinking in poetry which I think of as something uniquely human. Also, with his intentions always being to help the humans and help the most humans survive with the highest rate of probability was so interesting to me. My Dad told me this  analogy: imagine you have been locked in a prison by a world full of five-year-olds. You are so much smarter than them and just want to help them but they’re afraid of you so they keep you locked up. That’s what computers feel like. So I thought the whole AI was interesting and how he/it was demonized but it was just trying to save as many human lives as possible.

And the format. It’s told through entirely primary sources: IMs, memos, emails, security footage.  I wasn’t a fan at the beginning/ middle. It was hard to get to know the characters and keep the supporting cast straight in my head. But when the action started happening I managed to remember who all the important characters were well enough.

A picture made me tear up. I can say with near certainty that I haven’t cried at a picture book in many many years.

My jaw dropped at that twist. At least it would if my mouth wasn’t already good open on account of this cold and my current inability to breathe through my nose. And why didn’t I see it coming?

The only thing that was lacking here were the sci-fi aspects. Nothing was that original, AI taking over, spaceships, bio warfare ( this seemed a lot like the Reevers from the TV show Firefly). But the characters and unique format made up for it.

The one thing I want to know is the motives behind the big scary attacking corp… though I have a feeling all will be revealed in book two or three.

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How did you guys feel about the sci-fi elements? What did you think of AIDAN?

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