Wicked Like a Wildfire-Lana Popović


✭✭✫✫✫ 2 stars

Iris and Malina are born to be beautiful. Well, they are born with a gleam, the ability to manipulate beauty through magic. Iris turns flowers into fractals, Malina sings emotion, and their mother can bake memories. But, their mother is attacked and left somewhere between life and death and it is up to the girls to discover the secrets about their family their mother tried to keep them from.

This book is SLOW. For 300/400 pages barely anything happens: their mother gets attacked and exotic mystery boy shows up and seduces our narrator Iris. They have a picnic date on the beach and he pushes her to use her magic which drains her energy immensely. Then things get sexual and nonconsensual. She tells him to stop, but he’s still kissing her and then she passes out. It’s insinuated that he “did something to her” but unclear if it’s in reference to her magic use or something more along the lines of sexual harassment/rape. Then, it’s never really mentioned again or effects her in any large way. The whole situation made me feel icky and confused, since none of the characters seemed to feel the same way. *Spoilers in white ink*

There was an attempt at romance, but I didn’t really feel it. It didn’t matter to me if they got together or not. Overall, that was my general feeling. I didn’t care what happened to these characters.

The magic was cool and I wish it would have focused more on that since they don’t really start to use it until the last quarter of the books and less on the buildup. Though the buildup did contain good development of mother-daughter and sister relationships.

Hannah Reads (1)

What did you think of WICKED LIKE A WILDFIRE? What are you currently reading?


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