The Last of August- Brittany Cavallaro


Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson, descendants of the famed Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, take on another case during their winter break. When Charlotte’s uncle goes missing, they head to Berlin to attempt to solve the case he had been working on involving an art forgery ring. While they’re also dealing with their relationship issues as Charlotte attempts to overcome her dark past.

I love Charlotte and Jamie as characters and I really like them together (not necessarily romantically, I just like the way they interact). Charlotte is so smart and a total badass, everything you would expect from a Holmes, and she has a darkness about her (that you would also expect from a Holmes). Jamie is totally just along for the ride and he’s so caring and just wants to make sure Charlotte’s okay and take care of her (not that she needs taken care of).

I really liked the plot of this novel and the writing style until the end. I felt like the end was rushed and left me a little confused (on both the mystery and relationship fronts). There wasn’t the kind of catharsis you normally get at the end of the mystery novel when everything is explain in full and all the little details fall into place and everything final make sense.  I’m trying really hard to explain the end without actually spoiling anything. A lot of things involving many characters happen right at the end, and a few characters do out-of-character things and there’s no wrap up epilogue where everything is explained. But the lead up to the end was really good but now I’m just confused on what just happened.

I’m excited to read the next book to see if the ending here gets explained in more detail and we get a better look into the characters that stopped acting like themselves at the end.

Hannah Reads (1)

What did you think of the ending? Did you understand what went down (and if so can you explain it to me?) Did I accidentally skip a page that had all the answers or something?


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