Geekerella- Ashley Poston


Elle is a fangirl at her core. Starfield is her strongest connection to her deceased father whose absence is felt always, but particularly since her evil-stepmother and sisters are vapid. Her only escape is through her fandom blog and her job working in the vegan treats food truck with the seemingly too-cool-for-school Sage.

Damien has just landed his first big role, after his teenage soap opera fame, in the new Starfield revival. Though he comes across as another bad-boy-with-killer-abs-actor, he is a fanboy at heart and is getting to live out his childhood fantasies.

As the result of wrong number mix-up, the two begin texting each other non-stop from across the country. But they’ll both be at comic con…

This was so good. I loved every minute. It wasn’t too fast or too slow.  The dual perspective was the source of some much dramatic irony it nearly killed me, and a great glimpse into ‘Prince Charming’s’ side of the story. The mom and sisters were vapid and it was so easy to hate them (which is a good thing). I loved that their texting relationship changed the story of Cinderella to be love solely based on looks, to love completely devoid of anything but personality and common interest. It made it so much more realistic than every other retelling I’ve seen/read.


Hannah Reads (1)What are some of your favorite retellings? Do they change the original plot? In a good or bad way?

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