I See London, I See France- Sarah Mlynowski


Sydney is headed to Europe with her best friend, Leela for the next five weeks, but when Leela’s ex-boyfriend and his cute friend show up things get a little messy. The four travel across London, Paris, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Italy and Greece as they navigate their messy relationships. Sydney has her mind on home however, as her agoraphobic mother and wild younger sister are facing difficulty without her there to help them.

This book made me really feel like I was traipsing around Europe while actually dealing with real issues in friendship, family and relationships. Sydney balances doing what is best for her and still caring about her family, her childhood and new college friends, and a possible love with her best friends. The writing is great and keeps you engaged for their entire trip and the characters are relatable. This is a great read for college students hoping to study abroad ( or remembering their own trips) and features a lot of wild travel stories that could only happen in your twenties.


Hannah Reads (1)What’s your favorite travel novel? I’m always looking for another one!

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