Girl Online- Zoe Sugg


Penny, a 15 year old girl living in Brighton, England is only really herself online. In reality, she’s clumsy and awkward (especially around boys), but on her blog she can truly be herself. While dealing with increasingly intermittent panic attacks, she and her best friend head to NYC to spend Christmas. She meets the perfect boy, well at least he seems perfect. As she takes in all her holiday romance has to offer, her separate on and offline lives start to blend.

I think this book does a good job of describing panic attacks and anxiety, as well as ways to combat them, without romanticizing mental illness. At its core this is a romance novel, that borders cliche and cheesy, but sometimes you just need a real feel-good read. Penny and the other characters are an accurate representation of early high school drama especially as she starts to navigate her (negative) online presence and the beginnings of a relationship. The overall plot is a little unrealistic, but what romance book isn’t. It’s a great book for early adolescence, but doesn’t cross over into more adult audiences. I think that if I had read it in middle school or my freshman year it would have really resonated with me.

Hannah Reads (1)

What’s your favorite feel-good read? I need to accumulate a TBR list for when school starts again…

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