A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue- Mackenzi Lee


29283884Monty, an earl’s son in 18th century England, is about to set out on a year long Grand Tour of Europe with his best friend, Percy and younger sister. He is very much looking forward to drinking  and gambling his way through Europe’s greatest cities all the while spending as much time with Percy, who he’s madly in love with. His father has other plans sending along a bear-leader to show the boys the sights and keep them in line. However, they’re trip is not what they thought it would be as obstacles (highwaymen, pirates, a little bit of treasure hunting) keep appearing allowing them to learn more about themselves and their relationships than they would have at the bottom of a bottle.

I was skeptical at first because the book is pretty long (500 pages) and travel narratives tend to lag and get repetitive but this one doesn’t. It was so refreshing to see the great European cities in their prime by going to a grand party at Versailles rather than just touring it. The romance is the type of slow burn that makes you ache for them to just tell each other their feelings already ( and makes it so much better when they finally do). And Felicity is a strong female character that would make any feminist proud, even if she is one of the only two female characters. This is a light fun read that will have you dreaming of far away places and keep you entirely enthralled in romance and adventure.



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