Salt Lake City, Utah

IMG_2285Last summer I attended  the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Salt Lake City. We were quite a large group and therefore stayed in a large house we found on airbnb. I would recommend a house to any one traveling in a group ever. It allowed for a common space to play board games and watch the NBA Finals(#Believeland), as well as drove down the price of food as we were able to cook for ourselves. However, if you are traveling with a smaller party it may not be fiscally wise. I loved the mountains, which were a nice breath of novelty compared to the ever flat Ohio.


Temple Square

It was extremely beneficial to be traveling with a Mormon for this section of the trip, but if you don’t have your own personal Mormon, definitely stop in one of the visitor centers on either end of the square. They serve as de facto museums and insights into the Mormon Religion. Forewarning: if you are not a Mormon, you cannot gain access to the spectacular Temple, however the outside is worth a visit.

Bell Canyon Reservoir and Waterfall Hike

It was tough, but it was worth it. If you’re not looking for a major time commitment the hike up to the reservoir is about 20 minutes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult (this is coming from a girl who never exercises). The lake has great views of the mountains and of Salt Lake City. If you’re in for the long haul it’s another hour and a half up to the waterfall. It’s worth it. The hike down is just a difficult, maintaining balance and stepping down rocks, but you’re left feeling very accomplished.

East High

This is where they shot High School Musical. It looks just like it. Take a HSM jumping picture. (“Zac Efron was HERE!”). You might be able to find a way inside. The group that went the day before us saw the cafeteria and gym, but we were stuck on the outside. And of course you have to take that HSM jumping shot.

Olympic Park, Park City

A 40 minute drive outside of the city, but well worth it. Olympic park is host to a range of adventuresome activities, of which we opted for zip lining.  There is only one zip line for $20, which is less of a deal than other zip lining excursions I’ve done (Vermont and Mexico), but it was fun nonetheless. Perhaps the most interesting was watching the ski jump training into a pool. We stood and watched them do tricks into the pool for a significant amount of time before heading to downtown Park City for some lunch and shopping.


The Red Iguana

Truly authentic early civilization Mexican food, and very good. They’re famous for their Mole, but don’t skip out on the guac!

Sapa Sushi

I’m not a huge fan of sushi, but the boys of our group were. I ordered one of the Lunch Special Bento Combo boxes and was very pleased. It included rice and a beef curry dish, salad and some California Rolls. The Cali Rolls made me feel like I was adventurously eating sushi when I really wasn’t ( and one of the boys ate most of them anyway). This place was near East High if you’re looking for lunch around there.


I don’t eat fast food ever. But In-n-out was good, especially at 1am fresh off an airplane. If you’re not from the West Coast, this is a must.

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